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The South Coast of the Gulf of Finland
Natural Values
and Harmful Installations
Concept of a decommission plan for old nuclear power reactors
Guiding Principles from Environmental NGOs

These documentary films are can be downloaded in good quality (mp4)

Vermont State Against Vermont Yankey (Youtube) 870 mgb 36 min
Digging Our Own Grave 870 mgb 37 min
Baltic Nuclear Triangle 880 mgb 37 min
Everything in our power! 1100 mgb 45 min
Aluminium genie 640 mgb 30 min
Energy common sense 640 mgb 30 min
Wastland 736 mgb 30 min
When the times comes 590 mgb 35 min
NPP Greifswald: Halted at Request 468 mgb 20 min
Looking for solution 545 mgb 22 min
The Way out 880 mgb 35 min
Quest for partnership 497 mgb 22 min