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Leningrad NPP-2 not inaccessible to terrorists!

“Good evening! I write to you from the top of the cooling tower of Leningrad NPP-2. View of the reactor. Despite all security level, there are 5 of us here…" – So wrote the roofer Nikita Agapov on December 8, at 2:17AM on his personal page on “Vkontakte” https://vk.com/k177ok
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Five young adventurers of St. Petersburg demonstrated the possibility of entering without problem the site of Leningrad NPP-2 that is under construction. The first of the four units of the VVER-1200 and the two cooling towers of 170 m in height are planned to being use next year. Now, in the final stage of construction, terrorists might have brought in explosives that could then be used when the station will work. Such an approach by terrorists was implemented several years ago in Chechnya. Then in an explosion the president of Chechnya died.
Leningrad NPP-2 is not the only "sensitive site" in the atomic Sosnovy Bor, where one can enter, even with weapons (!), and go unpunished. On January 5, 2013 a group of armed men entered the protected area of the Research Institute of Optical and Electronic Instrumentation (SRI EIA) and killed elk (see http://mayak.sbor.net/node/23923). According to publications in the local press, a group of armed "hunters" were detained, but for two years nobody has been brought to justice. An explanation of the incident by police chiefs and prosecutors does not stand up to scrutiny.
This may mean that those criminals who entered the site then managed to "negotiate" with those who had to investigate this crime, or the crime committed ones who had to investigate it.
These two cases show that the physical safety of dangerous sites is in need of improvement.
Real security for each potentially dangerous nuclear facility in Sosnovy Bor’s nuclear cluster is needed. This is a necessity not only Russia, but also for the entire Baltic region.

FAQ: Sosnovy Bor lies on the shore of the Baltic Sea, 40 km from the border to the west of St. Petersburg and 70 km from European Union. So far nine nuclear reactors for military and civilian use have been built, and 4 reactors of the new Leningrad NPP -2 are under construction. Here are also the pools of 40,000 high-level nuclear waste (spent fuel rods) of the Leningrad NPP, which is equivalent to 26 Chernobyl-type reactors. And adjacent to them lies a repository of more than 80,000 m3 of solid and 30,000 m3 of liquid radioactive waste. For more information, see the booklet OUR COAST: Natural Values and Harmful Installations of the South Coast of the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea. http://greenworld.org.ru/sites/default/greenfiles/nash_bereg_2013_ang.pdf


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